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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Woodstock]]

• Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock performance was described by one critic as "the greatest moment of the Sixties," but very few people actually saw it, since Hendrix didn't play until 9 AM on Monday morning.

• Iron Butterly never made it to Woodstock because they got stuck at the airport, but festival organizers were relieved because they feared the band's heavy metal music would stir up violence in the crowd.

• There were ten million yards of blue jeans and striped t-shirt material at Woodstock.

• Eight pregnant women suffered miscarriages at Woodstock.

• Event organizers sold 186,000 advance tickets for the festival. They expected the turnout to be more like 200,000, but told the local law enforcement that they expected 50,000. Actual attendance was 500,000, with another 1 million turning back due to traffic.


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