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Van Halen

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Van Halen]]

• Gene Simmons of KISS saw Van Halen perform live in 1977, and was so impressed that he flew them to New York to record a demo. He even bought them new clothes, but the demo still didn't get the band a record deal. Later, many people believed that Van Halen was actually KISS without their makeup.

• Van Halen demanded to have M&Ms backstage at their concerts, with the brown ones removed. They did this to see if the show's promoters actually read the contract; so when they saw brown M&Ms, they knew to expect more problems with the show.

• As a kid, Eddie Van Halen played the drums, and he got a paper route to pay for them. He was so annoyed that his brother Alex would play his drums while he was at work, that he decided to play Alex's guitar instead.


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