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Since the invention of television in the 1940's, life has never been the same. From Milton Berle and Sid Caesar to Ed Sullivan providing a glimpse of the Beatles and Elvis, living rooms everywhere have been captivated by the various shows that have been displayed on that electronic box. While television has certainly changed over the years, the effect it has on generations of viewers has not.

Some of the most popular television shows have focused on crime. Earlier generations were treated to such shows as Dragnet, where Sgt. Friday wanted "just the facts, ma'am." Later on, shows such as Adam-12 came along to depict how life really was for police officers patrolling the streets. In today's modern world, crime shows have started to focus more on the psychological part of crime. Shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds have let viewers learn about the new and exciting ways crimes can be solved, while also delving into the minds of those who commit unimaginable acts against others. Some of today's most popular shows, such as NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles depict both the investigative and psychological aspects of crime fighting, while also keeping intact the "buddy" relationship with team members, just as Joe Friday and Bill Gannon along with Malloy and Reed built friendships while catching the bad guys.

Of course, one very different aspect of today's television viewing as opposed to earlier generations is the reality show. Perhaps no other type of show has had more of an impact on society within the past three decades than reality programming. Television, once a place only a select few could ever dream of finding themselves, was suddenly opened up to virtually everyone. Then along came Snooki and some Real Housewives, along with talent shows such as American Idol, The Voice and countless others. Seen as a variation of earlier variety shows, reality talent shows have given those from the most remote parts of the world hope that they can strike it rich with their singing, dancing, comedy and more.

So while people continue to clamor for more and more on their televisions, the programming continues to push the limits. Today's viewing generation hears words and sees images on their screens that Wally and the Beav would have never thought possible, and with more choices than ever before the sky's the limit when it comes to what's next on the viewing schedule.