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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About the Punisher]]

• Marvel once released a book, “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”.

• The Punisher once made an appearance with another comic book star, Archie, in “The Punisher Meets Archie”.

• The Punisher made his first appearance in the Amazing Spider Man Book 29 (1974).


[[accordion title=Revenge of the Punisher]]

          Frank Castle’s a man who has seen too much death in his life, first as a Delta Force Op and later as an FBI special agent. Now, he gets forced into a dark place with inside himself after seeing the death of his family. This drives him mad and into a revenge state. He becomes The Punisher and he seeks revenge for those who killed his family, and for those who do wrong deeds. He makes it known throughout every comic book and even in the movies that his intent is for these crooked and evil people to suffer, very slowly.