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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Nintendo]]

• Nintendo is actually over 120 years old.

• At one point, Nintendo ran a love hotel.

• In the 80s, many aspects of Nintendo America were extremely censored.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Nintendo]]

          Nintendo, having been founded in 1889, is the oldest video-game company in the world. In the video game industry, it’s been a constant revolving door. But there’s one company has managed to outlast its competition at nearly every turn: Nintendo. For over three decades, Nintendo has beaten all rivals by pursuing its own singular vision of bold hardware innovations and games of unmatched creativity.

Nintendo had released the following Gaming Systems:
• Super Nintendo Entertainment System
• Nintendo 64
• The Game Cube
• Game Boy Advance
• Nintendo DS, Nintendo 2DS & 3DS
• Wii
• Wii U

From Pacman to their best-selling game series of Mario and Zelda, the list goes on and on from the awesome games published by Nintendo.