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Mario Brothers

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Mario Brothers]]

• Mario is actually about to die on the cover of the original game.

• In the original Mario Brothers, it's possible to jump over the flag pole.

• PETA targeted Mario from the Mario Brothers for skinning animals.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Mario Brothers]]

          The game that put Nintendo on the map: Super Mario Brothers. This game was never about plot but the actual gameplay itself. Mario's creator designed a game that was never done before that went beyond a single screen with a variety of different enemies and terrain (ground, clouds, water) and utilized different power-ups with plenty of secret passages and hidden blocks. The story was tacked on afterward with the advent of a boss you need to run past to save a Princess.

A simple story with awesome gameplay has resulted from generation to generation loving Mario Brothers. Through all the different changes it has been thru, it’s popularity never stopped rising. From the gaming, to a movie made back in 1993, to a short cartoon series, to all the merchandising items sold around the world and here at 2Bhip, Mario Brothers is truly the #1 video game of all-time.



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