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Marilyn Monroe

[[accordion title=Marilyn Monroe Fun Facts]]

  • Monroe was intent on having pale skin so she used hormone cream to make her skin white.
  •  Monroe had a fixation with Clark Gable.
  • She was very proud of her body and not extremely fond of clothes. It was her preference to go nude.



[[accordion title=a Brief History of Marilyn Monroe]]

          To call Marilyn Monroe just another actress is a great injustice to a great acting legend. Her influences on films and fashion during her era are still remembered and felt today. In fact, even today’s teenagers and up and coming young models look at her as the role model. She was in a class of her own and created an identity that would never vanish. It’s funny that she still remains a dream girl of every man’s fantasies and that every man compares the beauty of the woman with the beauty of well, Marilyn Monroe.

She came from a rough life, including her mother's breakdown and her life with unsympathetic foster parents. After being "discovered" by Hollywood she endured many insecurities and problems that came along with a world that called her a "goddess". They instead saw her as a sex object. Although her movie roles reveal a sense of humor, warmth, and talent, her life continued-with three failed marriages, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and a tragic controversial death.


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