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Looney Tunes

[[accordion title=Looney Tunes Fun Facts]]

  • "Nimrod" became synonymous with "idiot" thanks to Bugs Bunny.
  • Porky Pig said "son of a bi***" in a cartoon.
  • Mel Blanc, who voiced Porky Pig, has "That's all folks" written on his tombstone.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Looney Tunes]]

          Fromthe peak of black-and-white to glorious technicolor, from cinecolor to modern day CGI, Warner Bros' Looney Tunes brand stands alongside the Disney juggernaut as a true innovator of the animated form, influencing
animators across the entire world to this day. The hilarious exaggerated style of these cartoons and subtle social commentary within them allows their humor to stay timeless and unforgettable throughout generations.
There's a toon in all of us, which one are you?


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