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Jurassic Park

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Jurassic Park]]

• Jim Carry auditioned for the role of Ian Malcolm.

• Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern ended up in a relationship after meeting on set.

• The young boy played by Whit Hertford played a voice in Land Before Time III.


[[accordion title=All About Jurassic Park]]

      “Welcome, to Jurassic Park”

Special effects and graphics that were way ahead of its time, this movie was one of the highest grossing films ever created.

This movie is set in a remote island theme park where real, yes real, dinosaurs have been grown from long-dormant DNA molecules. The movie has a long build-up before we see a dinosaur attack, which was the threat that had been foretold by Goldblum's character since the beginning of the movie. As it progresses, you start to see each sequence come in to play and before you know it, it’s a game of human survival.

Compared to most special effects that movies have today, Jurassic Park shows a great deal of restraint and leads up to the features the audience was clamoring for.


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