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Johnny Cash

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Johnny Cash]]

• Johnny Cash was arrested seven times and once broke his toes trying to kick out the bars of his jail cell.

• In the late 1950s, Cash bought 500 baby chickens and let 100 of them loose on each floor of the hotel where he was staying.

• The doctor who removed a cyst from Johnny Cash's face was drunk during the surgery, which is how he ended up with his facial scar.

• Cash’s first gig was to play for an elderly group of women, in a church basement.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Johnny Cash]]

        The man wrote nearly 1,500 songs on over 470 albums, Cash has been so thoroughly associated with country music that most people don’t realize the magnitude of his achievements in the larger arena of pop music. He was one of the few people in the history of music to sell more than 50 million records.

Johnny Cash's success as a singer sometimes overshadowed his contributions as a songwriter, but he had received 23 GMI Awards.


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