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Iron Man

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Iron Man]]

•  If Iron Man suits existed in real life, the amount of power needed to operate one at full capacity would be greater than what one nuclear power plant can generate.

• Before Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise was considered for the role of Iron Man.

Stan Lee created Iron Man when his publisher dared him to come up with a rich superhero who was also a war profiteer. Lee based the character loosely on Howard Hughes.


[[accordion title=Meet Iron Man]]

          Like knights of old, Iron Man’s identified by well, his armor. Underneath that is a Playboy billionaire and weapons manufacturer, Tony Stark, the best-dressed suite wearing and wealthiest of the Marvel superheroes.

         Though he has no super powers, it’s his armor that gives him the strength, speed and ability to fly. This same armor was also created to keep his damaged heart beating, until treated later on. So even without his high-tech costume, Tony Stark’s a mixture of man and machine.

         Stark publicly proclaims that Iron Man is his bodyguard, and to avoid prosecution for his own violence, he once announced that the man in the suit had died and been replaced. However, he finally breaks down and tells the world who he is. Because of this, there’s always a target on his back.