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When cold winds start to blow, it's time to armor up against the elements with one of our cool hoodies, jackets, or sweaters! Be toasty warm as you brave the endless wilderness of the frozen tundra, shelter your head from freezing rain, step up to the mic, or simply walk the streets in style. Taking off back in 1970 as a part of hip hop culture, hoodies are popular today with anyone from universities to counterculture to high profile fashion designers, recognizing the hooded sweatshirt's endless appeal across subcultures. They've even stirred up heavy debate in the UK when they were linked with antisocial behavior and began to be banned from many businesses, provoking protest and even a "Save The Hoodie" campaign. With both zip up hoodies and pullover hoodies featuring your favorites in pop culture, we'll give you the chance to join the debate and make the hooded sweatshirt a part of history.

Through it is the ideal shelter from the elements, the hoodie as we know it has become so much more. The anonymity of the hoodie gives it a sense of mystery, and is a vital part of the wardrobe for many countercultures worldwide. The popularization of the hoodie has come to represent defiance against social norms and a laidback attitude towards everyday life. What used to be a fashion accessory is, in many cases, a fashion necessity, featuring designs cool enough to rival anything in the t-shirt world. We stand by the hoodie as a vital cultural statement, and feature dozens of licensed hoodies to let you show the world who you are and where you come from. We have it all, from bands to movies, video games and cartoons, and even cool costume hoodies to give you that warm and fuzzy caped crusader feeling. We feature both pullover and zip-up styles, and even extra-thin juniors hoodies that are perfect for year-round wear.