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Green Lantern

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About the Green Lantern]]

• For a brief period of time in the 1990s, the Green Lantern was a villain for the purpose of boosting sales.

• Jack Black was originally meant to play the role of the Green Lantern before Ryan Reynolds auditioned for the part.

• There are a total of seven different colored lanterns. Each of these lanterns represents one of the Green Lantern's emotions.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of the Green Lantern]]

          The Green Lanterns through different generations have become DC Comics' more successful properties. They’ve been adapted into TV shows, video games and one motion picture. Each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants them a variety of powers: strength, flight, and the ring itself can take numerous shapes and forms. The full extent of the ring's abilities has never been clearly defined in the stories, but two consistent traits are that it grants the power of flight and that all its effects are accompanied by a green light. Without the green light, he’s powerless. He fights on the side of justice. The modern day Green Lanterns can also be seen in different comic books and on a current cartoon TV show called the Justice League.