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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Flash]]

• The original Flash, Jay Garrick, received his powers by inhaling hard water fumes after a failed experiment.

• Every Flash has had the ability to transmit an invisible aura around his body, thus protecting him from air friction.

• The Barry Allen version of the character is attributed with starting the Silver Age of Comics.


[[accordion title=Meet the Flash]]

The fastest comic book hero ever created and part of the greatest league ever assembled, the Justice League, The Flash has made his presence well known across the globe, and back again. Especially with his awesome t-shirts (even worn on the Big Bang Theory) that you can find here. There have been 3 generations of super heroes granted the power to tap into the extra dimensional energy field that’s called the Speed Force (a scientific experiment gone awry). Each hero named himself the Flash, and became a champion and a defender of all that’s good against all that’s evil in the world and in the universe.