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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Domo]]

• Domo's favorite food is isnikujaga which is a Japanese meat and potato stew. 

• A ghost randomly appears in each episode short.

• Domo passes gas when he is nervous.


[[accordion title=All About Domo]]

     Domo first appeared as a mascot of the Japanese TV station NHK; he was created for the station's 10 year anniversary. Domo was introduced to English-speaking audiences when a photoshopped image of two Domo-kuns chasing kittens appeared online, and quickly gained world wide fans. In the United States, Domo has been in marketing campaigns for Target and 7-Eleven.

    Domo was hatched from an egg, and lives in an underground cave. He doesn't speak, instead making low pitched noises that sound like his name. Domo is scared of apples due to his ancestors becomng extinct after eating them.