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As a kid, comic books were an acquisition akin to finding buried treasure. Every single page gets creased, every intricately drawn panel gets drooled over. You slip into a deep existential depression when the bad guys get away, but pump your fist right along with the hero as he catches right back up with them and restores the balance of justice. Super hero fantasies, like Saturday morning cartoons and cereals with ridiculously high sugar content, were just another part of growing up. Re-live the magic and pick a side with a huge selection of Marvel Comics and DC Comics tees, hoodies, wallets and more! Our comic book selection features an exhaustive amount of designs paying tribute to all the heroes you know and love. 

2Bhip's super hero shirts come in multiple varieties and styles, including super hero onesies , as true heroics come in all forms. They are all right here being held captive by 2Bhip. They are waiting to be released by YOU! Only YOU can save them, if you dare to accept this most dangerous mission.