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Chuck Norris

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Chuck Norris]]

• After he remarried he and his second wife had twins.

• Norris played the role of Walker in the television show Walker, Texas Ranger.

• Chuck Norris was an actor in The Expendables 2.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Chuck Norris]]

          Chuck Norris served in the Air Force as an Air Force Policeman. When he left, he made his rise to fame first in martial arts. From there, it translated onto the big screen. He appeared in quite a few different types of action roles throughout his career. He played in prominent films such as Lone Wolf McQuade and Missing in Action, which has established a cult reputation over time. From the movies to TV shows, to guest appearances on commercials and infomercials, Chuck Norris is still one the largest icons in America today.


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