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[[accordion title=The Joy of Cartoons]]

Though now it's considered an open invitation to sleep all day, when we were kids Saturday was the day to wake up extra early, with the colorful and frenetic worlds of cartoons as our motivation. It's hard to think back on simpler times like those and not immediately start thinking about all those quality hours spent perched a inch away from a bright TV screen watching the Looney Tunes get injured a hundred different ways, or robots that transform into cars, or puppets with a life goal of teaching you the alphabet. We all had our favorite cartoons and despite our parents' lectures to the contrary, sitting close to the television never made us go blind. All the better to check out our wide variety of cartoon products, including the classic cartoons you grew up with and the toons you can tune into every week now! Whether you prefer the frenetic slapstick days of old or the more edgy humor of modern animation, we have a cartoon t-shirt for you that's so cool people will think you were drawn that way.

Did you know that the first animated films date back all the way to the late 1800's? Back then, you had to do it the hard way: individually drawing hundreds of frames until your hand is cramped and your spirit is broken. These days, animators have access to computerized (digital) animation, putting the production of animated shorts within the capabilities of a much more massive group of people. This allows cartoons to be produced more quickly and efficiently and allows them to run for a much longer time, finally putting them before the world in primetime tv slots. Now, virtually everybody watches at least one cartoon, with popular toons like Family Guy and The Simpsons shoulder-to-shoulder with their live action peers. When dealing with toons, remember the golden rule; the laws of physics only apply until something funnier comes along!