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Captain America

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Captain America]]

• The first Captain America comic of the hero punching Adolf Hitler is generally worth approximately $5,000 today.

• Although the 2011 film was called "Captain America: The First Avenger,", he didn't appear until issue #4 of the Avengers comic series.

• The 1990 Captain America movie was so awful that Marvel didn't realize another superhero movie for almost a decade.


[[accordion title=Who is Captain America]]

      Captain America is Marvel's biggest success during World War II, and also one of the top-selling superheroes of all time. Captain America’s a true symbol of patriotism. Of course, he has always been wrapped in the American flag, yet he’s best symbolized by the American shield with a star on it that he carries. Captain America was the hero at a time, outside of the comic realm, America desperately needed. He was the perfect fit for an idealized freedom fighter who possessed strength, speed and intelligences. To this day, he continues bring in a tremendous fan base and a new generation that looks up to him.