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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Budweiser]]

• The man who created Budweiser beer placed a drop of the beer on his son's tongues when they were born.

• There are woodchips soaked in Budweiser to give food cooked with them the taste of the beer.

• Budweiser has a nonalcoholic version of its beers, called Budweiser NA. The taste is very similar and can also come in green apple flavor.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Budweiser]]

         The best go-to-beer: Budweiser. Produced by Anheuser–Busch. Introduced in 1876 from Saint Louis, MO, it has grown to become one of the highest selling beers in the US and it’s available in over 80 markets worldwide. The world-renown beer is produced in various breweries located around the world.