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Breaking Bad

[[accordion title=Breaking Bad Fun Facts]]

• Jesse was supposed to die at the end of the first season.

• Heisenberg's blue meth is actually rock candy.

• A real DEA agent taught the Breaking Bad cast how to make meth.


[[accordion title=All About Breaking Bad]]

    Walter H. White is a chemistry genius, but works as a teacher in an Albequerque, New Mexico high school. His life drastically changes when he's diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and is only given a short amount of time left to live. To provide for his family's future after he’s diagnosed, this chemistry genius teams up with an ex-student, Jesse Pinkman to cook and sell the world's purest “blue crystal meth”. The meth makes them very rich, very quickly, but it attracts the attention of his DEA brother-in-law Hank. As Walt and Jesse's status in the drug world escalates, Walt becomes a dangerous criminal, doing things he would never have thought he would have to do, all for his family, and Jesse becomes a hot-headed salesman. Hank’s always hot on their tails, and it forces Walt to come up with new ways to cover his tracks.
Overall, even though he finally beats his cancer, his next challenge is staying one step ahead of everybody else.


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