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The Popularity of Doctor Shows like House and ER

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Doctor Shows - Consistently Popular with Viewers

Shows focused on doctors have been popular since the days of Marcus Welby, MD, Doctor Kildare and Ben Casey were first broadcasted. With the central character role of doctor, TV show producers and directors find greater opportunity to amplify the lead character's role as a doctor and on a personal level. Doogie Howser was likely the first popular doctor show to include comedy.

Male Doctor Roles vs. Female Doctor Roles 

The popularity of Doctor Shows like ER and House has typically focused on a male central character. However, the first female doctor in a TV Doctor Show was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Emily Owens, MD is another of the doctor shows with the female doctor angle. Women have played secondary roles as doctors in ER, Castle and Grey's Anatomy as part of medical teams. The number of male doctor roles as central characters outpaces the number of female doctor roles even in shows were the scripts are written for medical teams. 

Why Are Doctor Shows like ER and House so Popular?

Thanks to scriptwriters who infuse each episode of doctor shows with factual medical treatments and diagnoses of today's most prevalent medical illnesses, viewers become more educated about the field of medicine. In addition, these shows place emphasis on healing and also on preventative medical treatments and regimens. The public finds this enormously helpful with regard to their personal health issues. Shows that include doctors as part of criminal investigations such as medical examiners and crime scene investigators often help viewers understand other roles doctors play aside from a medical practice or in the surgical fields. For example, the TV shows, CSI and Law and Order cast roles for medical examiners and crime scene investigative teams. Doctor shows like Scrubs, Bramwell and Trapper John, MD provide entertainment and enlightenment to TV viewers.

The Future of Doctor Shows

Again, House and ER have been two of the most successful doctor shows due to the excellent quality of scripts by scriptwriters. House and ER consistently air fresh, new episodes that keep viewers returning. Now, the future of doctor shows may involve more hi-tech medical procedures, treatments and diagnostics as the medical profession itself advances. The potential for a doctor show that would air with a more futuristic style is inevitable when script writers include state-of-the-art medical advancements to the show's basic scripts. 

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