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Getting Into World of Warcraft, PVP and PVE Builds

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Anyone whom has been playing World of Warcraft for some time knows that the best way to win is by optimizing your build, rather, by having a particular build in the first place. But for players whom are not particularly seasoned or well versed with the game, this can be quite a challenge as there are a mind boggling amount of statistics, special moves, spells, weapons, armor, pets, mounts, familiars and so on.

So, let us go through some of the best classes and specific builds for both PvE and PvP game play:

We’ll start with Player vs. Player game play as it’s the most commonly sought after for build info. These builds, both for PvP and PvE won’t be totally optimized or professional player builds, simply ones that’re well rounded and fun to use for both types of game play. World of Warcraft is a game that’s all about customization, as any good RPG, online or not, should be, so choose a build that you’ll have the most fun with and then put your own personal touches on it.

Frost Mage: The Frost Mage has long been a Player Versus Player mainstay due to their freeze abilities and crowd control abilities (from here, crowd control will simply be known as CC).

Feral Druid: Recently buffed the Feral Druid is now an even better DPS (damage per second) build than ever before. Using the simple druid powers of Cat Form, Bear Form and various race and invisibility powers they can quickly attack a single target and escape and have exceedingly high damage output which makes them excellent for PvP matches.

Elemental Shaman: With a large amount of self-heals and area of effect damage and single target DPS the Elemental Shaman has much higher survivability than the Frost Mage and nearly as much damage output. A very viable PvP option.

Retribution Paladin: With high single target damage per second and a good balance of health or defense and decent stun abilities and crowd control the Retribution Paladin is very good for one on one.

Shadow Priest: High single target DPS and AOE, and an excellent ability to resist crowd control abilities makes this build very viable for group duels.

Next we go to PVE:

Marksman/Beast Master Hunter: Both the Marksman and Beast Master have very high survivability, good damage output and great melee evasion options.

Holy Paladin: With good mana regen possibilities, decent burst damage output, good DPS and a myriad of burst healing abilities, the Holy Paladin is very good for PvE but not optimal for PvP.

Combat Rogue: This is one of the best PvE builds for quick start up as they are very easy to use but also very useful for dungeon raids. They are agile, quick and have decent overall stat spread, especially in terms of DPS.


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