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5 Tips to Throwing an Awesome ‘90s Themed Style Party

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Everyone loves to go to a great theme party. The best ones are the kind that leave party goers talking about how great the event was for years. Make sure your next ‘90s theme party is a huge success by following these 5 simple tips.

Tip #1 - Music
Your first concern must be the music. For a ‘90s style party you will need to decide how you’ll deliver some of the greatest music ever known to modern man. A good D.J. can really help to set the right tone for your party and create special memories. You can also use one of the multitudes of pay for play music sites that play continues music from specific genres. Most sites will even let you select tracks and/or set up a favorite play list. If you are a collector, perhaps you have your downloads that will allow you to put together a superstar playlist.

Some popular old-school choice artists, bands and groups could be: Will Smith, Ice Cube, Kid Rock, Red Hot Chili Peppers, TLC, Nirvana, Smash Mouth, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and tons more!

Tip #2 - Clothing and Accessories
One of the predominate features of the ‘90s was the fashion. From ripped up jeans of the grunge look to the super baggy saggy jeans of hip-hop, the look was crucial. If you're going to have a ‘90s style party you may as well throw in a dress code and have everyone wear their favorite ‘90s outfit. Whether it’s Goth, glamour, preppy or crossover, the ‘90s will surely have a look to fit everyone's taste. Remember, looking the part always helps people feel like they are truly playing the part.

At 2Bhip, we have an awesome variety of ‘90s style shirts and accessories to choose from.

Tip #3 - Food
During the ‘90s, munchies were big! Not only because of post pot smoking munchies but also because the media was very successful at marketing munchie-type foods. Nachos, Taquitos, burritos, Doritos, cookies, cakes, moon pies and all kinds of snacks will be important to your ‘90s style party. Let’s not forget the tangy hot wings or the various flavored lime and/or zesty chips, salsa's and cheese dips that were so famous in the ‘90s.

Tip #4 - Drinks
All manner of flavored beers became very popular in the ‘90s. Some of them are becoming popular again. Bud light lime, Coors light, okay anything light. Don't forget fruity or mixed drinks! Sodas are also good, especially Sprite.

Tip #5 - Don't forget to have FUN!
Have a plan but don't micro-manage. The ‘90s was pretty laid back and you will want to provide that sort of ambiance for your party. Let the fun fly where it may, as almost anything goes.

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