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5 Tips to Throwing an Awesome 70's Theme Party

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The 70s decade continues to be a popular party theme for young and old. Throwing the ultimate retro 70's party can be fun for both the party planner and the guests, and with a little imagination, can be easy and inexpensive to plan.

Invitations for 70's-themed parties can be found in party stores or found online and printed from your computer, or you can make your own retro-themed invitations. Fold over colored paper, and glue on retro cut-outs, such as flowers and peace signs. Print out 70's trivia and cut apart the text and glue randomly on colored paper. Get creative and have fun with it.

Look around for bargains and shop at thrift stores for vintage chairs, old lava lamps, vintage curtains and pillows and bean bag chairs. Retro-style fabric is easy to find at second hand shops. Look for clothing, sheets, and old bedspreads and cut them apart to make pillows and tablecloths.

Decorate your tables with retro-colored plastic or silk flowers, lava lamps, and party favors, such as mood rings and peace sign necklaces. Print out images and trivia from the 70s and hang on the walls, along with 70's posters. Burn incense, and hang beaded curtains in the doorways.

Food and Drinks
Offer plenty of food from the 70s, such as Tang, Jiffy Pop, fondue, Hamburger Helper, cheese balls, quiche, onion dip and carrot cake. Serve food on vintage plates and dishes in olive green, lime, orange and yellow. If you plan on serving alcohol, include some popular drinks from the 70, such as Tom Collins, Slow Gin Fizz, Tequila Sunrise, Stingers, and Appletinis.

Retro costumes are easy to find such as platinum shoes. At 2Bhip we have items such as sparkly shirts, leisure suits, bell bottoms, fringed vests, and tie-dye shirts. For other accessorize that go great with our costumes would be items such as long strings of beads and peace sign necklaces. You could hold a best dressed contest and give out 70s themed awards, such as a bottle of tang, a lava lamp, or 70's-themed poster.

Music is a must at a retro party. Disco music is a good choice, with bands such as The Village People. Play music from the Saturday Night Fever and Grease soundtracks. Clear a space for dancing and hang a disco ball from the ceiling.

With a little work and imagination, you can host the ultimate 70's party. The 70's were an interesting and colorful decade and continues to provide party planners with endless ideas for fun and memorable parties. Keep the music playing and keep the onion dip filled and your guests will remember your party years to come.