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7 Reasons TV and Movie Geeks Get the Girls

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Film and television usually follow a formula when it comes portraying romantic themes such as the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory. A girl meets a boy, they talk, and then they eventually fall in love. For the most part, it's a formula that works. When it doesn't work, it’s when the writing is bad, or that the actors have failed to convince audiences that these two characters belong together.

When it comes to real life that formula’s the same - boy meets girl, they get to know one another, and then they fall in love. The boy is usually smart, interesting, and sometimes a geek. In movies and television shows, the geek is always someone who is held up in a room working hard to the exclusion of everything else including their personal lives. They’re portrayed as funny, quirky, a bit eccentric, and good at their jobs. In real life, geeks are seen as people who can focus on things that most people might find nerdy.

Why do geeks get the girls in real life? Here are 7 reasons for how they’re able to do it:

Reason 1

Geeks are really smart, and people who are that usually get the best jobs as an adult. So, girls think of geeks as good providers.

Reason 2

Although geeks are not considered the most attractive people, you can always fix aesthetics. You can ask them to dress better, use an anti-acne facial wash, they can always lose weight, and gain muscle.

Reason 3

They have traits that make them attractive to girls: like knowing subjects in depth, being a hard worker, sincere and honest.

Reason 4

Geeks pays attention to you. If there’s a top thing girls look for, it’s a guy that’ll pay attention to them on a consistent basis.

Reason 5

It’s fun to hang out with geeks. You can have good clean fun with them.

Reason 6

Geeks are faithful. That means for all you girls out there, you won't have to worry about them cheating on you.

Reason 7

They are, for the most part, good people.

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