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You can barely stand up, but that's no excuse to overthrow the ping pong ball. We've all been there, making best friends with complete strangers and shouting out our rediscovered love of alcohol to every city block within earshot. We've insisted on taking the stage and belting out Pat Benatar three octaves out-of-key, and loudly pumped our arms into the air every time a new song came on the radio, letting the whole party know that "THIS IS MY SONG"! They're the nostalgic memories that we look back on fondly, even when we have no idea what happened. Help those sketchy memories live on with 2Bhip's collection of beer & alcohol t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more! Featuring multiple brands like Captain Morgan and Guinness, now you can show the world just where the loyalties of your discerning tastebuds lie.