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[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Batman]]

• For extreme Batman fans, the University of Victoria in Canada offers a course titled, 'The Science of Batman'.

• Batman's name, Bruce Wayne, originates from two freedom fighters, Robert the Bruce and Anthony Wayne.

• Batman is 34 years old.

• Batman masks were once printed on the side of paper milk cartons, the idea being that you'd cut it out of the cardboard after you drank all the milk. Instant costume!


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Batman]]

          Batman became an urban legend both in the comic books and to everyone growing up. The way he would just send shivers through Gotham City’s underworld was exciting and thrilling. Finding an ally in Commissioner James Gordon, a Gotham cop who didn't approve of Batman's tactics or methods, but appreciated the results of his nightly crime fighting. Batman's enemies list grew to include a host of bizarre, insane and diabolical criminals such as The Joker, Cat Woman, Two-Face, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, etc. As his enemies increased, a side kick would emerge from a boy who had a similar past as him - The Boy Wonder better known as Robin. Together, they would defeat all that wanted to hurt and destroy Gotham City.