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Allman Brothers

[[accordion title=Fun Facts About Allman Brothers]]

• Both guitarists of the Allman Brothers are left-handed, however, they play guitar right handed.

• Gregg Allman married Cher, they separated.

• The band still tours at the present time.


[[accordion title=a Brief History of Allman Brothers]]

         Featuring 2 lead guitarists: Duane Allman and Richard Betts, they were the first major band since the Grateful Dead for having a live performance that was more relevant than the actual studio album. They became the only band capable of competing with the Grateful Dead in terms of crowds. Their debut album in 69’, The Allman Brothers Band, introduced a form of loose, guitar-intensive blues-rock ballad. It was like a southern version of the Band's roots-rock. It was the live albums such as Live At Fillmore East (1971) and Eat A Peach (1972), that transcended rock when it came to putting on a show doing a live album.




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